Transitional kitchen with Dover cabinets in Maple Karoo finish

New Products

New Cabinet Moulding Solutions

It's All in the Details

Mouldings, the shape of things to come. Their beauty and detail give your space that just right finishing touch, and we've expanded our cabinet moulding offering to give you even more details to choose from to complete your space with a cohesive look and feel.

Cap Moulding

Piece of cap moulding

Transform a mechanical eyesore between cabinet tops and ceilings into an architectural masterpiece.

Light Rail Moulding

Piece of light rail moulding

Conceal electrical sources while putting your under-cabinet investment in the best light possible.

Single Bead Moulding

Piece of single bead moulding

Stack or insert between other cabinet moulding variations to seamlessly close gaps and heighten visual interest.

Traditional Batten Moulding

Piece of traditional batten moulding

Blur the line between classic and contemporary, formal and casual with this once again trending technique.