Transitional kitchen with Dover cabinets in Maple Karoo finish

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New Specialty Cabinet Products

Adventure Awaits

Crafted to give your space just the right design element, our newest specialty cabinet products arrive just in time to satisfy the trend toward modern influences. Not only are they sleek and appealing from the outside, they offer greater storage opportunities and welcomed accessibility on the inside, too.

Aluminum Frame Cabinet Doors

Aluminum frame cabinet doors in a kitchen

For many, metal equals modern, and Aluminum Frame Cabinet Doors are just the design element to satisfy that modern craving. Combining a contemporary Frost Glass Center Panel in this slab frame equation gives you the perfect answer for creating a sleek, transitional look.

Wall Top Hinge Cabinet

Wall top hinge cabinet with door open

High fashion meets zero fuss. Wall Top Hinge Cabinets elevate your design while greatly increasing access to expansive storage opportunities. Functionally versatile, Wall Top Hinge Cabinets are perfect for contemporary designs but also fitting for many transitional tastes.