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Cabinet 101

Talk Like a Pro

You don't have to be a cabinetry expert to sound like one. Next time the pictures are coming to you but the cabinet-speak isn't, don't panic. Simply turn to Homecrest's Cabinet 101 and you're set.

Door Style

Whether you're a minimalist or traditionalist, our cabinet doors come in a selection of looks that will suit yours. The unique detailing and overall design that you see when standing head on, looking at your cabinets when they are closed is what we reference as the "door style". Door styles are given names, such as Heritage or Sedona, and are made up of a frame (imagine a picture frame) that surrounds a center panel (imagine the picture). It may be designed in a square, arch or cathedral pattern, dependent on the door style.

Door Panel

Cabinet Door

Every door style has a center panel that – whether recessed (in other words, flat) or raised – helps achieve the overall look. The door panels may be made of solid wood, veneered plywood* or laminated medium density fiberboard, depending on the style you're interested in.

Drawer Front

Cabinet Drawer

When considering any door style, the drawers associated with that door will come in a design that complements the overall look. The unique design of the decorative outside of the drawer is what we reference as the "drawer front".  Depending on the door style, the drawer front may be a flat slab of wood, or it may have a detailed, 5-piece design that matches the door.


Cabinet Overlay

As you shop for cabinets, you will see the term "overlay". With Homecrest, we have traditional overlay and modified full overlay doors. So "what is it and why should I care", you ask? Think of a cabinet as a box with doors covering it. The amount of the box revealed when the door "overlays" the front of it contributes to the overall cost of the cabinet. While a "traditional" overlay door shows more of the box, a modified full-overlay door is actually bigger and covers most of the cabinet.


Cabinet Hinge

Now you see them, now you don’t. Hinges have a function (which is obvious), and also a form. Our concealed hinges are six-way adjustable with 107° degree access, and are available on all products. Our fully adjustable, self-closing antique brass furniture hinges open a full 180°, and are available on those door styles with a traditional overlay. All of our adjustable, self-closing hinges carry a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

End Panels

Cabinet End Panel

The outside panels of a cabinet that appear at the end of a row, our End Panels are designed to resist moisture and damage from household wear. You can choose from laminated, unfinished plywood*, finished plywood* or decorative door panels for wall, base and tall cabinets.

*All plywood components meet ANSI/HPVA HP-1 standards, and may contain MDF or particleboard.