Plan Your Project

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Measure Twice

Remodeling Tips

Every project is different, but there are some remodeling tips and suggestions that apply to any, which can help ensure your remodel is a success. When getting started, consider some of the following tips to avoid headaches further down the road.

  • Get a planning workbook. Visit the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) for a free workbook.
  • What do you like and not like about your current kitchen? Make a list of everything and plan accordingly.
  • Consider a certified designer. Visit the NKBA for assistance on finding designers in your area.
  • Hire professionals you're familiar with. Enlisting friends or family, or using reliable professionals you've worked with in the past should help make for a better, less stress-filled experience.
  • Be involved when hiring subcontractors. Don't leave the responsibility solely with the general contractor.
  • Get bids. Be sure to shop around when selecting a contractor, and get at least three bids. And remember, the lowest bid isn't always the best, so be cautious when considering the lowest bidder.
  • Get references. Before making your final decision on a contractor make sure to check them out by getting references.
  • Check for proper liability insurance.
  • Get a detailed timetable.
  • Stay the course. Avoid changing your mind in the middle of the project as changes usually lead to cost overruns and delays.
  • Get involved in the cabinetry decision. Don't leave it up to the contractor alone.
  • It's all in the materials. Consider well-built drawers and glides as these get regular use.
  • Focus on convenience and utility. Options like a Lazy Susan, tilt out trays and deep pot drawers make living and cooking in your new kitchen easy.
  • Factor extra time for the project into your daily schedule.