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Cabinet Adjustments

Stuff happens. This you can count on.

When minor problems arise with your cabinetry, consider the following ideas before calling your dealer/installer for help:

  • If screws loosen on hinges or drawer pulls, temporarily fix them by gluing a small diameter dowel rod into the hole using high quality wood glue. Cut the dowel rod flush with the top of the screw hole and place into the hole. Let the glue dry and then replace the screw, being sure not to over torque the screw and risk stripping it again.
  • Minor door misalignment can be corrected by adjusting the cabinet hinges. Generally, with the cabinet door open, the side-to-side adjustment slot is on the door part of the hinge and the up and down adjustment is on the frame portion of the hinge.
  • For hinges and hardware that do not work properly, contact your dealer for assistance. In most cases, cabinetry hardware is protected by a lifetime guarantee from the hardware manufacturer.